Samarah Town homes are the pinnacle of luxury living at the Dead Sea offering residents exceptional levels of comfort, opulence and privacy. We fully equipped our 18, exclusive Town homes with every modern utility and amenity to ensure that they are the ideal place for you to enjoy the wonder and beauty of the Dead Sea while relaxing in the comforts of home.


Our range of magnificent Town homes is available in stylish two, three or four bedroom homes. These Townhomes are prized not only for their idyllic setting but also for their array of exclusive services available to residents including fully equipped fitness facilities and a children’s play area. Furthermore, every Town home features private access to the beach as well as a garden and a swimming pool located on the home’s private grounds. Town homes also include impressive grand master bedrooms, balconies and roof terraces allowing residents to enjoy the rejuvenating Dead Sea air and premium, breathtaking views from the height of luxury. Round-the-clock security, maintenance and assigned parking provide you with peace of mind and enable you to fully enjoy the serenity and indulgence of the Samarah community.